First Shot is Always the Hardest

I suppose that this is the best place to start, with some background on myself, and my journey to this particular stage of my life, with regards to the entertainment industry. So strap in, here’s a history lesson. 

I started out in 2004 doing publicity for a film called ACID RAIN while I was living in Washington, DC. Following that I worked for the distribution company Hannover House in Fayetteville, AR. At that point I was hooked on filmmaking, so pulled together a few investors and produced the films WINTER WOOD and SUGAR CREEK. At the end of the day, those were living & breathing film schools for most of us. I then went up to St. Louis and worked as a production coordinator on GHOST IMAGE, and shortly after went on to produce THE LEAF MAID in Arizona. I then returned to Fayetteville and partnered up with Dissolve Pictures, and produced JOHNNY SUNSHINE and ARKANE, and nearly back to back I was an actor in RED SCREAM VAMPYRES and writer/actor in TERMINAL DESCENT, both in Buffalo, NY. Following that I moved to Tempe, AZ. While there I worked for Maxim Media International as a film sales rep, and had the chance to work the Cannes Film Festival and attend the sales market there in 2008. Then I was off to Buffalo, NY to shoot my first film as a director, FABLE: TEETH OF BEASTS, and while there ended up being an actor in THE DARKNESS. Following that I moved to North Hollywood, CA and began working in distribution again, this time for Quantum Releasing in Burbank. Eventually I ended up heading back to Buffalo, NY to make another film, CLERIC, this time as a lead actor and writer. Shortly after I lived in New Zealand for 2 months while co-directing and starring in ICONOCLAST, which was a dark fantasy sort of movie, and had the help of WETA Workshop for our weapons and armor. I then formed a distribution company with a partner called DARK ROAST RELEASING, which will sell all of our films. I followed that up with VOODOO COWBOYS in Arkansas, shot back in my hometown of DeValls Bluff. Now I’m back in Buffalo, preparing to shoot BINARY SAMURAI with my old friends in the area. Next month I’ll be in Los Angeles directing DOG FIGHT with another gathering of friends and new faces. It has certainly been an adventure.