In Dreams

When you have a collegiate education in theology and go to sleep while listening to a melodic metal station on pandora internet radio… what do you get? Myth soup.

I am of the opinion that there are dreams and what my compadres and I call “dream not dreams”. The mind and spiritworld both pull from our deeper subconscious (and beyond) to provide us with skins, images, themes, and characters to help us cope with and understand (or at the least interact with) our dreams. Sometimes a dream is just a dream, and we simply sleep, experiencing an interesting collage of images/impressions as our mind de-fragments while our body repairs itself. Sometimes a dream is not a dream, and instead of going inwards, we go outside (or deeper inside) ourselves into worlds and realms beyond.

When you are me, or someone like me, the dividing line between “just a dream” and “dream not dream” is a rather gray area, and admittedly I love it that way. So much of my creative work, from film to literature to poetry to music, and the way I live my life, is the result of existing in this gray. My dreams, more often than not, are like epic poems mixed with summer hollywood blockbusters, or campfire folklore mixed with high concept music videos.

I dream almost every night, I have dream recall in tremendously minute detail, and much of the time I am lucid dreaming, so it is small wonder that I strive for such in my waking life, and happily so.

Back in the Saddle

Met a girl in St. Louis and fell in love. Her name is Bekah Kelso. With lots of help from Sherry Kirk and SJ Tucker I directed the feature film Ember Days in Washington followed by Sineaters in Arkansas. Worked a few military jobs doing art department for culture/combat immersion training. Wrote a book called As Above So Below which is full of old & new film scripts and tales of failure & glory in the movie business, finished several others (though I’m already planning some re-writes). Moved to Tacoma, WA. Worked as a craft service grunt for the web-series Journey Quest. Moved out of Tacoma and back to Arkansas upon finding out that Bekah was pregnant. She is back in Texas with family and I’m shipping out to another military job on monday in Washington. Oh, and post-production for Cthulhu Blues Productions and sales/marketing for Dark Roast Releasing never stopped for a second. August 2010 through May 2012 has been one wild time.