Strange Works

There are the books we read, and we enjoy most of them… they entertain, they titillate, they inspire… but there are other, stranger works, that delve into the dirty business of living as a conscious entity in this ad-hoc physical realm, burdened as we are by our varying degrees of spiritual and intellectual awareness. Like the shopkeeper in The Neverending Story says, these books are not safe…

With this short entry I wish to discuss two ‘strange works’ as a way of recommending them to some or all seekers of such things as exist (or are imagined) beyond our immediate kenning.


THE FORGOTTEN GODS OF JOZI – For a moment, imagine that the Gods are borne out of human and animal imagination, a need to reconcile the unforgiving natural world through storytelling, manifested quite solidly in the perceivable realm as beings of vast powers, desires, and hungers. Gods of knowledge and portent. Gods of sex and lust. Gods of blood and gold. This novella takes the reader into the minds, histories, and hearts of gods who have been ‘forgotten’ in name, though remembered and ‘fed’ in deed, and play out their continuing drama of agendas and violence against the backdrop of modern Johannesburg, South Africa. This book is on amazon, as a kindle ebook, for $0.99 and is worth far more. In short, it will Cost you more to read it than the $0.99 you spend on it. I urge anyone who enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s book AMERICAN GODS to take this journey, because while the former is a seminal work of mythic genius, it is ‘safe’, and the Forgotten Gods of Jozi is most certainly not.


THE EMERALD BURRITO OF OZ – If there was ever a book of fiction that I would consider both an excellent novel-of-entertainment and a grimoire-of-living-magick, this would be it. If everyone on the planet could read this book, in their native tongue with culture-appropriate iconic references, the world would be a better, even if no less violent or sober, place to experience this darkly humorous cosmic farce we call LIFE. This is a bizzaro tale that is best described by the book’s own synopsis: ZOMBIE MUNCHKINS! TURD-FLINGING FLATHEADS! EVIL CORPORATE CONSPIRACIES! DELICIOUS MEXICAN FOOD! OZ IS REAL! Magic is real! The gate is really in Kansas! And America is finally allowing Earth tourists to visit this weird-ass, mysterious land. But when Gene of Los Angeles heads off for summer vacation in the Emerald City, little does he know that a war is brewing…a war that could destroy both worlds! This loving Bizarro tribute to the great L. Frank Baum is an action-packed, whimsically ultraviolent adventure, featuring your favorite Oz characters as you’ve never seen ’em before. Let super-hot warrior sweetheart Aurora Quixote Jones take you on a guided tour of surrealist laffs, joy, and mayhem, with more severed heads than Apocalypse Now and more fun than a barrel of piss-drunk winged monkeys!

I urge you, as someone who totally loves you, to purchase both of these books and read the heck out of them. If you are more of a cynical and sarcastic kinda person, then start with Burrito and work your way towards Jozi, if you are more of an optimist and positive thinking kinda person then get yourself to Jozi first and heal that hurt with a tasty Burrito.

Get these books, read them, and I promise your life will be more awesome.