Back on the Payroll

I begin all of my books in the Necrospace series with this introduction:

It is the Age of The Corporation.

The common man toils under the watchful eye of the elite and their enforcers. The rules of law have long been replaced by the politics of profit. The dark ages of feudalism have returned with capitalistic ferocity. There is no peace among the stars of mapped space and business is booming.

The first three books in the series are what I’ve taken to calling “The Reaper Cycle”, and they follow the life story of a man named Samuel Hyst as he goes from new recruit fresh from boot camp to hardened veteran on the fringes of space. Samuel, or Prybar as his comrades call him, hails from Grotto Corporation, an authoritarian society that tends to grind its citizens between the gears of the military/industrial complex.

Now that we have completed our first foray into the vast setting, it is time to begin another journey, and even now I am hard at work on the first installment of the next cycle.

The new trilogy, which I am dubbing “The Swarm Cycle”, will pick up where we left off in the former storyline, near the end of the first Ellisian War. I said first, because there is too much wealth yet to be plundered from the new worlds and the Anointed Actuaries will not let any amount of carnage stand between them and the Bottom Line. This time we will be traveling with the space marines and mech warriors¬†of Helion Corporation, a fierce socialist empire that rivals Grotto in size and ambition,¬†as they struggle against a voracious new enemy that emerges from the darkness of space.

An enemy for whom profit means nothing.


Catch up on The Reaper Cycle and then get ready for the swarm!