Ghost Faction (Necrospace Book 4)

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During an apocalyptic battle against murderous machines and hardened soldiers a lone salvage marine turns the tide with a devastating counter attack. Having revealed herself as a consummate warrior, Jada Sek is welcomed into the ranks of the Dire Swords, an elite fighting force loyal only to the contract.

As the other marines return to their salvage duties Jada and her new comrades, each as haunted by the ghosts of their past as she is, plunge yet further into necrospace. They are repeatedly deployed to disrupt and destroy the endeavors of corporate competitors, and along the way discover that the enigma of the machine race is more sinister and complex than any imagined.

Surrounded by the specters of an ancient holocaust and forced to face her inner conflict, Jada must make a choice. When the money ceases to matter, when surviving loses its significance, and the thrill of taking the fight right into the teeth of the enemy seems like the only truth left in this scrapyard of a universe, it is time to let the marine die so that the mercenary can be born.

4 comments on “Ghost Faction (Necrospace Book 4)

  1. Wasn’t really impressed with the shift of main characters. Oh well, if you return to him eventually I’ll go back to reading but after this I think I’ll be giving them a miss.

    Thanks for the first three books though, they were great!

  2. Loved the first audiobook from Audible. I used to read non stop, pretty much every spare moment I had, when I was a kid… but following a brain injury the closest i can come to my old favorite pass time is a great audiobook. Will you ever have anymore of this series produced? Curious if I should keep it on my radar. J.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Salvage Marines! Yes I have every intention of continuing to produce audiobooks for the rest of the on-going Necrospace series. I am very keen to continue working with Jeffrey Kafer as the narrator, though because he is in such high demand it will likely be early 2017 before we are able to release any additional Necrospace titles. Thanks for listening 🙂

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