Audible Thunderdome

Grab yourself a nuka-cola and pull up a stump, milk crate, warm body, or whatever it is you generally prefer to sit on, and click this here banner to give a listen.

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That’s right chummers…

Me & Julie went and made ourselves an audiobook of our humble little survival guide. You cannot possibly begin to fathom just how many bottle caps, bow strings, backstabs, and the like that we had to dole out in order to accumulate the gear, the talent, and the time to bring this to you. Unlike most other audiobooks you’ve probably experienced, if you’re the sort of wastelander who goes in for that kind of thing, this is a wholly different audio experience. In addition to top notch narration, we’ve got music, sound fx, and a little thing I like to call comedic timing.

Yessir it is guaranteed to entertain you for approximately four hours and fifty three minutes, though the chuckles last a lifetime, which should be plenty long if you pay attention to what we’re teaching ya. I didn’t survive those radioactive tic swarms for nothing!

Enjoy, and maybe we’ll see you still standing when the next calamity befalls this wasteland of ours.


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