Bedtime Story

The kids asked for storytelling instead of a book. My son insisted that the story be the adventure of a Bison, a Bull, and an Ox. I took a moment to collect myself, and then told this one freestyle. I have naturally given it a polish now that they are asleep and I am writing it down. Enjoy!

The world ended in fire, and all the water was taken by the hungry ghosts that clung to existence across the burning plains.

Bison, Bull, and Ox were the only ones left of their nations and they wandered the wasteland looking for Mirror Blue, a spring fed lake and the last of its kind. Vulture and his children whispered of renewal, and though the carrion only wished to eat the fallen beasts, Bison in his wisdom knew Vulture was speaking the truth. Vulture knew that wise Bison would not fall for any of his tricks and that Bull was a great warrior, so he soared high with his people and waited for the desert to do its work.

They traveled far and wide, living off the power of their nations that they carried inside them, until all three were near collapse.

Bison used the last of his power to stomp his feet with a mighty force, and then silenced himself to quietly that he could hear ripples moving across water, and he told his companions the direction they should go. Ox, ever loyal, carried Bison on his back, for the great beast could no longer continue on his own.

Vulture smiled because he knew Ox would tire twice as quickly now, and since the beast was neither wise nor a warrior, soon there would be meat on the ground.

In the distance three giant columns of swirling dust and wind rose to stand against the thirsty beasts, the force of their sandy gale scouring a few carrion birds from the sky to remind them of respect, and Vulture bid his people hold back.

The dust devils charged the beasts, and Bull, the mightiest fighter on the sands, rushed forward to meet them. He hurled his horned head back and forth and used his shoulders to drive the points home, piercing sand and flame and spirit. All three dust devils were flung to pieces and the wind settled, revealing Bull standing triumphant, though his skin was raw from the fight and his nation’s power spent.

Ox, ever loyal, lay Bull on his back beside Bison, and continued into the scorching waste.

Vulture and his people soon tired, and found themselves parched, the time soon coming for them to turn back, lest they too fall in this blasted place. Ox continued forward, his muscles straining and his tongue dry as the sand he crossed, and yet he did not stop. Vulture screamed in frustration and turned his people away, knowing now that Ox had a power of his own, and that it was great indeed.

Mirror Blue was waiting, and when Ox settled himself and his companions on the cool shores, their thirst was quenched and their nations closer to being saved.

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