Author, defense contractor, and samurai-wizard-cowboy when you’re not looking.

Sean-Michael Argo is from the delta swamps of Arkansas, though he’s lived and worked in more places than are easily remembered. He writes the kinds of books he likes to read and makes the kinds of movies he likes to watch, so his expanding body of work is a testament to his love of gritty dark fantasy, epic tales of swords & sorcery, horror movies, space marines, and the post-apocalyptic wasteland. He spends most of his time with his ever-growing family and working on various artistic projects, both at home and on the road. 

11 comments on “About

  1. Hi Sean-Michael,
    I wrote the Forgotten Gods of Jozi. You reviewed it here: https://seanargo.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/strange-works/
    I just wanted to say thank you for such a kind review, I’m really glad you liked it.
    I’m busy writing another book (a sci-fi this time called “The Space Between the Ages”) and it should be ready in about a year or so… I will try to remember to email you a free copy then.
    Thanks again!
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Sean-Michael,

    Was wondering when the next book in Extinction Fleet is coming out? Read the first two and totally hooked. Since I am a 40k player (Space Wolves) just love the characters and storyline…

    • I have one on the writing schedule for later in the year, co-authoring with Sarah Stone. It will be something of an anthology of short stories set in the world, though will all sync together to tell a larger story.

  3. Sean,

    Just finished ‘Hard Cargo’… I feel cheated after reading this story. I’m a retired vet (Army). I would fight tooth and nail for my family. Nothing would stop me from being with my family accept my death. The way this story fleshed out left me feeling angry. To have this family fight to build a life together and then poof, it’s gone. The rift between Samual and his wife felt contrived. I felt robbed of the payoff from ‘Trade War’.

    • Hello sir, apologies for the late reply, the comment approval status didn’t pop up so this has been sitting here since January. Admittedly we did leave Samuel Hyst in a really tough spot at the end of Hard Cargo. It was a risky move to take the story where I did, as the breaking of a family in any story (or real life) is a tough thing to write about, much less endure. There are so many folks out there in the world, myself included, who have dealt with things like divorce, child custody struggles, and hard choices like taking much needed jobs that pull us away from our families in order to support them. Complex topic and no clean way for it to resolve, in life or in the story. My idea with the story is that the rift between Samuel and Sura was there from Book 1, with their struggles with identity and fidelity, as both of them move through the series, and ultimately their happy time on Long Stride was just a chapter in their story, not the end. We haven’t seen the last of Sura and Orion, or the Rig Halo, and as the new novels start coming out again in 2020 (been focusing on the Salvage Marines TV series this year) we will see how their paths diverge and perhaps intertwine.

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