Ember Days


Ember Days is a micro-budget ‘pagan epic’ that presents a multi-layered tale, combining elements of Greek mythology, angelic lore, faerie kingdoms, and guns guns guns! It’s “myth-soup with a side of bullets”, presented with the over-the-top performances typical of most Greek myths (“Back, foul beast! Back, I say!!!”). It’s flawed and awesome, epic cheese with a lot of heart, made by folks who still believe in faeries, magick, and the favor of the gods.

The Story: The fallen angel Azazel has come to Earth, and formed an alliance with the Greek god Hermes. Together they seek to resurrect Azazel’s demigod children, the Nephilim, whose existence threatens to destroy the world. Another fallen angel, Shemihazya, has arrived to struggle against the raising of the Nephilim. He allies with the Greek goddess Hecate, forcing her to help him in his quest by possessing the body of her lover. The two pairs battle across modern city streets and the pristine forests of the spirit world, their struggle set against the backdrop of a civil war amongst the Queens of the Faerie, as the forces of Winter seek to dominate the people of Summer.

Check it out at http://www.emberdaysmovie.com

Pick up the novelization on Amazon.com

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