Magical Activism

Magical Activism is the use of magic(k) in a variety of endeavors commonly associated with social change, or more specifically, the alteration of consentual reality to reflect the changes one wishes to manifest in the psychosocial fabric of human civilization.

Despite the classical definition of magical activism, there is another interpritation of its nature the has become, in this author’s experience, more commonplace in the occult circles of my own experience. Perhaps this is evidence of the sorts of persons I am given to surround myself with, though I warrant that a non-classical and quite alternative, even if so much more so direct, interpritation is the more commonplace.

That definition, or re-interpritation, of magical activism is of the same stripe as environmental activism. In that environmental, as a word, describes the sort of activism being perpetrated, and not the tools by which such perpetration occurs. As such, environmental activism is activism that is chiefly concerned with the environment, and the preservation, nurturing, and re-establishment therein. So following this model magical activism would be activism chiefly concerned with the preservation, nurturing, and re-establishment of magic.

Naturally such a bold and broad statement such as this bears some delving into. Questions arise as to what exactly is the world of magic, and how one best goes about the preservation and re-establishment of such a thing, if even it is a thing. I propose that both definitions of magical activism jointly define and empower the other, to the betterment of both.

Magical Activism for the purpose of the preservation, nurturing, and re-establishment of magic is best perpetrated through the use of magic, employed in acts of magical activism.

What does all of this wordplay point too?

Practical magic.

The use of magical workings, knowledge, and abilities towards practical applications in the everyday lives of those who wish to become magical activists.

To practice magic in a direct and useful manner, in other words practical, in order to further the quality and goals of one’s own life, is a manifestation of magical activism.

If the goal of magical activism is to preserve, nurture, and re-establish magic in the world, then living a life of dailey practical magic is the most direct way of manifesting such activism. This not only expands the knowledge of the activist, hones his or her magical skills, but it also becomes a living expression and manifestation of the activism which the magician is striving for.

A life of everyday magical adventure.